Astra Ukraina

Building a 40k Army for a Real War

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We are wargamers. We believe war should be waged on the tabletop with units of plastic and paint instead of flesh and blood. We believe the proverbial grim darkness should remain confined to the realms of fiction instead of being brought about in the real world. However, once the gates of war are open, we believe one cannot remain neutral.

Hence, Astra Ukraina.

#1 We will build a large Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum army with Ukrainian flavours and undertones.

#2 We will sell it through an auction or raffle.

#3 We will donate all proceeds to the Ukrainian military.

Simple as that.

Check HERE for the prizes we already have ready.

Buy Raffle tickets HERE, the raffle has already started!


For the time being, this website serves only to provide basic information about the project.

To check our progress, please follow us on social media.

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What on Earth is Warhammer 40k?

It's a tabletop game and a rich franchise of books, video games and shows set in a fictional universe of the 40th millennium and beyond. For a thorough introduction into 40k, take a look at this video by the illustrious Luetin09.

Who is behind the project?

Astra Ukraina is the brainchild of Goran, a veteran member of the Czech wargaming community. There are about twenty volunteers and creators who are lending their skills to the project by assembling kits, designing custom bits, and performing other supportive tasks. The army is being painted by Vladislav Teplý and his studio.

Why are you doing this?

Because we believe Orks are fun on the tabletop, but they have no place in the real world.

What is your financial model and who will be getting the money?

All the minis in the army are donations from project members, the wider Czech wargaming community and friendly local game stores. The only cost, albeit a large one, is therefore the painting – Vladislav Teplý and his studio gave us a generous discount, but they still have to eat. The proceeds from the auction/raffle and financial donations will therefore be used to cover the painting studio fees and everything else will be donated to Dárek pro Putina, an organisation which purchases weapons and equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in cooperation with Czech authorities and the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague.

wHy ArE yOu SuPpOrTiNg UkRoNaZiS?

Begone, vatnik! The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an act of premeditated evil, the Russian Federation is a terrorist state, and the defense of Ukraine is the defense of Europe. There is no doubt whatsoever about which side should be supported, and we're not interested in debating anyone who claims otherwise.

Why not donate the proceeds to a humanitarian aid organisation instead?

Because we believe in treating the problem instead of the symptoms. The enemy military presence in Ukraine is the root cause of all the death and suffering, and the fastest way to remove it is by supporting the Ukrainian military.

Couldn't you just donate some money instead of doing all this?

We could, and many of us have made personal donations in the past. However, we believe there is greater value in what we are doing. Individual donations, even when pooled together, are just a drop in the sea, but through this project, we might turn that one drop into two. Besides, Russia is hoping that Europeans will eventually get tired of the war and lose interest in supporting Ukraine. Projects like these help keep the topic in public view.

Why don't you help with [another world crisis] instead?

Because we want to help Ukraine. There are indeed many issues around the world, but we choose to focus on this one.

What's the army going to be like?

We are trying to make it as close to a 21st century army as possible - mechanised infantry with heavy weapons, artillery, and tank support. Simply put, it's Imperial Guard minus the explicitly sci-fi elements like Ogryns, Sentinels and such.

Can I see the list?

A comprehensive list will be released later. In the meantime, here's at least the order of battle as of early February 2023.

How big is it going to be?

We are currently projecting it at about 4,000 points, but we can't exclude it getting bigger.

Where did the models come from?

From our own collections and generous donations from other individuals and local hobby stores. That is why the models span from venerable kits like a 2nd edition Chimera to the latest 9th edition minis released in late 2022 and early 2023. The base models are GW originals - unless explicitly specified - with custom 3D printed cosmetic bits designed by us.

Can I contribute?

We'd be delighted! If you wish to donate some funds, please follow the instructions listed above. If you wish to donate a kit or you have some other kind of cooperation in mind, please contact us on whichever social platform you prefer or via email.

When's the army going to be ready?

Our optimistic goal is the spring of 2023.

What happens if nobody buys the army?

Hopefully, it won't come to that. We are still considering various options including hosting a raffle instead of an auction. Luckily, there is still time before the army is ready.

What if the war ends before the army is ready?

We would donate the proceeds to rebuilding efforts.

Are you aware that you're building an Imperial army to support the fight against a country that is the closest equivalent to the Imperium we currently have here on Earth? A hypocritical, self-righteous dictatorship waging a xenophobic war of expansion and aggression, living off its glorious past, and plunging itself into the depths of stagnation and regression while lying to its population that everything is going well?

Yes. Ironic, isn't it?